why is being alive so expensive


You spelled “suck” wrong.


i literally can’t even tell what you’re trying to say

  • why is being alive so suck
  • why is being alive suck
  • why is suck
  • suck is being alive so expensive
  • why suck so expensive




what the fuck is going on

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Damn guys, is this actually happening rn

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this video ruined my life for the better

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Ugh, I’m getting a chest dermal today. I’m scared.

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oh look he’s running away


it’s a video of him doing exactly what we thought he was doing.


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I’m really upset.

As you guys may have heard, a fire destroyed the shit out of the Seaside Park boardwalk. It was just rebuilt after it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy…. growing up in New Jersey, I was ALWAYS down the shore. That was my home away from home. I was there almost every weekend of ever summer. I couldn’t stay away. It was my favorite place in the entire world ever since I was a baby. Please keep Seaside in your prayers. I hope it’s not all ashes now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was </3 

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Ask me a question
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